Scheduled Deliveries
We can provide efficient and affordable pickup and delivery on a prearranged schedule across town or between cities on a same day basis. We will handle your mail pickup or delivery, payroll, bank deliveries, or anything you need to ship on a regular timetable. You make one call to get a complete need's assessment, price quote, and to set up your schedule.

Logistical management is available to all of our customers. Please call and we will be glad to arrange the most viable time sensitive route for your delivery.

Same Day
Across town or across the country, count on PDQ Delivery. We have quickly become recognized as the areas leading provider of same day transportation delivery services.

Rush (2 Hr)
Picked up with 2 hours and direct to destination

We will pick up your consignment within 30 minutes and proceed directly to the destination. Crucial time sensitive delivery are what we at PDQ Delivery base our company on. We guarantee exclusive, non stop direct service.

After hour services available. Please call for a quote